Principaler Bani

DG VatWelcome to our Polytechnic Institute. It is five building. Our Institute is one of the famous Institute in our district. The environment of our institute is very beautiful. Four is a large building in our Institute. It has three parts. One is used official work and other is used for study. There is a large library our campus.It is situated in third floor. There are a large collection of books. That about our departmental books science and technology and many more. The is a separated and well-decorated reading room beside the library. Our student can read and borrow books from the library. For this are essential library cards. It remains open form 7 a.m to 5 p.m. There are four departments in our Institute. There are Civil technology Computer technology, Electronics technology and Architechture technology. Each department has 48 students in a batch.Each department has 4 batch at a time. There are about 1600 students in our Institute. The teachers are friendly to the students.
Engr. Md. Motahar Hossain
Habigonj Polytechnic Institute, Habigonj.